“Cedric Burnside carries the mantle — the joy and the burdens and the history of the North Mississippi hill country blues, a style like no other in Southern music.” - The Bitter Southerner

Grammy-nominated Blues musician Cedric Burnside remembers his roots— NPR Weekend Edition

“The Big Bad Burnside Sound is back… and how!”- MOJO

“If you’re tired of typical I-IV-V fare, Cedric just might be your man, and Benton County Relic might be the tonic you’ve been wanting.” - Premier Guitar

“Benton County Relic will stand the test of time. 9/10” - Glide Magazine

“Cedric's music, though, is no mere retread of the past; connected intimately to his own life, each song feels like it has been hewn from his soul.” - Clash Magazine

“Fusing delta and hill country with elements of jam-band rock, he and his drummer packed an incredible punch, and never let the momentum die down.” - Nashville Scene

“That sound on Benton County Relic, due out Sept. 14, is spare, spacious and gritty but with a biting timeless flavor that makes the 12-song set more than just a slavish homage.” - Billboard

“This is the real blues, none of this SRV-related wannabe crap. No, this is the blues stripped bare, with droning guitars and gruff vocals singing about “Death Bell Blues” and “Ain’t Gonna Take No Mess”. In a word…perfect.” - Ink 19

“It’s a song about strength, resilience, and hope that shows there’s a lot of life left in the classic country blues sound.”- AFROPUNK

“Although Hill Country Blues is decades old, Burnside’s interpretation of the genre cuts deeper than most modern takes.” - American Blues Scene

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